Willa Ford's Discography

Willa Was Here is the debut album of pop singer Willa Ford on Lava/Atlantic Records. The album peaked at #56 on The Billboard 200 chart, August 4, 2001. The album contained the hit single 'I Wanna Be Bad', which sold over 250,000 copies, and her second single 'Did Ya Understand That'. The album also contained a hyper link to the video for ‘I Wanna Be Bad’. Willa wrote nine of the eleven tracks. Although the first single was a huge hit, the album only managed to sell roughly 200,000 U.S. copies.

Track listing

1. I Wanna Be Bad (featuring Royce 5'9) (Willa Ford, Brian Kierulf, Joshua M Schwartz, Royce da 5'9") – 3:06

2. Did Ya' Understand That (Willa Ford, Michael D. Goodman, Kenny Gioia, Darius Rustam) – 3:17
3. Ooh Ooh (Willa Ford, Eve Nelson) – 3:32

4. Tired (Willa Ford, Andrew Scott Marvel) – 3:33

5. Joke's on You (Willa Ford, Robert D. Fusari, Falonte Moore, Sabelle Breer) – 3:16

6. Tender (Tim Kelley, Bob Robinson) – 4:18

7. Don't You Wish (Willa Ford, Eve Nelson) – 3:51

8. Prince Charming (Willa Ford, Andrew Scott Marvel) – 4:01

9. Somebody Take the Pain Away (Brian Kierulf, Josh Schwartz, Sheron Lee, Annie Lennox, David Alan Stewart) – 2:53

10. Haunted Heart (Willa Ford, Robbie Nevil, Howie Hirsh) – 3:39

11. Dare (Willa Ford, Scott Ialacci, Anthony Caputo) – 3:46

12. All The Right Moves is a bonus song which is available on the Australian release.

Willa Ford - vocals, background vocals
Josh Schwartz - multiple instruments
Brian Kierulf - multiple instruments
Eve Nelson - keyboards
Masa Shimizu - guitar
Robin Daniels - percussion
Andrew Scott Marvel - keyboards
Gerry Leonard - guitar
Jen Carr - background vocals
Sabelle Breer - background vocals
Tim Kelly - keyboards, drums, bass
Bob Robinson - guitar, piano
Michael Nigro - keyboards
Royce Da 5'9 - vocals

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